Childhood and Growing Up Book in English Best PDF: (Childhood and Growing Up)

Childhood and Growing Up Book in English PDF: (Childhood and Growing Up)

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In which you will be given complete information related to children, what kind of food we should give to our child so that the child can develop completely easily.

Childhood and Growing Up Book in English PDF
Sometimes giving too much protein rich food to children can cause many problems in their body. If you are feeding children in excess quantity then

So due to grease in their liver, problems arise in their liver due to which their food is not digested properly

Due to which children start becoming weak due to which they face many types of problems like fever, stomach pain, gas etc. due to which they become very weak.

Along with regular meals, we should feed protein rich food to children like milk, green vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish etc. every day.

Children should be bathed regularly every day and they should be kept away from polluted places like dust, soil etc. so that they do not come in contact with any kind of germ or bacteria so that they remain well healthy.

Childhood and Growing:-(Childhood and Development)

Along with the physical growth of children, it is very important to have mental growth as well, because children cannot get complete wealth of their life through physical growth alone, hence it is very important for children to have mental development as well.

If you do not give good protein-rich food to children, then problems in their growth will arise due to which they suffer from dangerous diseases like polio, paralysis, wasting, anemia etc.

Therefore, while bathing the children regularly every day, the best detergent (soap) should be used so that diseases do not enter the children’s body and they always keep laughing and playing.

During summer, children should be fed water regularly so that their body remains moist so that they do not suffer from water shortage, otherwise they may fall ill soon.

Because children complain a lot about water because mothers are not able to give water to children regularly and due to which problems of lack of water start arising in their body.

After that, we have to take the children to the doctor who has to give water to the children separately due to which their body starts needing to give water again and again.

While feeding water to children, we should use refreshing medicines like glucose so that there is no shortage of water in the child’s body and the children always keep playing.

Sometimes, feeding excessive amounts of milk to children causes problems in their liver, which causes stomach problems and upsets them.

Due to which children start having thin stools which is very common for children and at the same time children also start having vomiting and diarrhea.

Due to which problems start arising in the growth of children and they cannot grow fully and their mental condition starts becoming weak.

For the rapid growth of children, we should give more protein rich food to the children so that the children grow rapidly and there is no hindrance in the mental growth of the children.


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